Life is a beach: Know it, like you own it.

The Liab Mission

LiabTV dares to do what few have tried so far!
Our mission is to visit as many beaches as possible and create a travel map from scratch.

The Liab Vision

Everyone should believe in something. We believe we should go to the beach.
LiabTV aspires to explore any beach a man can step foot on and compose the largest web beach library from around the world.

The story so far…

Life is a beach TV’ s mission to visit as many beaches as possible, started from the seashores of magnificent Crete and soon visited beaches on islands of the rest of Greece.
In Life is a beach TV #MissionGreece we visited 170 beaches in 12 Greek islands. Now, we are ready and totally eager to take over the rest of the world.

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The Liab Gang
Mezzo, Hk, Alex Pro and Alefu Ra!

Four dudes decided to escape the city and spend their time near the greek beaches. They packed their few belongings  onto  the Sons of the Beach car, the Big Baby and

traveled all around Greece so they present you all the beauty of deep clear waters.